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Vastly improve your communication with customers— turn your domain name into a Chat Address.


Your domain is more then just a website and email address. Use it engage your visitors and build your brand.

With Chat Center for Domains anyone can chat with you by simply clicking a link or typing in their browser. You will conveniently receive all messages on your smartphone, email or Chat Center web app.

What your customers see

What you see

They can chat with you with just one click, no registration, no friction.

You conveniently receive all their messages on your smartphone.

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Beautiful and easy to use widget will increase conversions and sales

Engage your customers
everywhere, not just on your website

With Chat Center, conversation can start at unexpected places where you wouldn’t normally have an opportunity to engage: in your email signature, your company’s social profile, your business card or your direct marketing campaign.

Accept messages from your customers night and day. Respond when you are ready.

In Chat Center chats are never expiring. You decide: answer this chat within a minute to convert this visitor right here right now, or reply at your own pace.
Even if your customer leaves before you reply, we will notify them via email when you do. You can have an ongoing conversation with the same customer for days and weeks, creating a unique experience for them and building trust.

What Chat Center users and their customers are saying

Chat Center helps us make sales of our products to healthy food shops, take re-stock orders, get feedback from end customers and resolve issues. It is much more lightweight and fun then phone calls and emails.
Olga Plotnikova,
Komarov Foods
I realized that our store just ran out of Komarov Foods kale chips. I tried to call them but the line was busy. Then I clicked ‘chat’ on their website, they answered in less then a minute!
Their customer
What a fantastic tool! I help entrepreneurs get their businesses started and am finding Chat Center is really helping them access me when they need to. I really like that I can choose when to make myself available in real-time and my clients can instantly access my help from anywhere.
Chad Fryling, Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Futurpreneur Canada.
Since we started using Chat Center, 70% of our users who need support or have feedback prefer chatting to emailing. Chat Center helped us make fans, avoid bad reviews and give seamless and instant support to thousands of our users.
Nikita Yermolayev, Co-fouder at Minimum, /clock

Ways to use Chat Center

Click to Chat is just a tool, like any tool if it put to good use, wonderful things can happen. Be creative.
App support and feedback
Real estate sales
Customer feedback
Instagram chat
Restaurant bookings
Converting prospective clients
Coordinating events
Personal sales, online and offline
You and your business